Once upon a time there was a poor man and wife who lived deep into the forest together with their four children. They lived a simple life and were all contended and satisfied with very little. The poor husband and wife looked upon the children as their treasure in life.

But, as the children grew older and by that demanded greater amounts of food and clothing, the distress became superior to the husband and wife. Finally the wife said to her husband: " - This situation is not bareable anymore. You will have to get out and around in the world to try your luck! Soon the winter will be over us and we can not let our children get cold nor hungry.".

The poor man listened to what his wife said and he soon packed up his backsack and set out into the great wide world. He plodded along the best he could - with no other goals than to assure the happiness of his wife and children and to protect them from starvation and frostbite.

The poor man had walked far and long when he caught sight of an old woman standing at the roadside. The old woman said to the man in a rather loud voice: " - Oh, good Lord, give me something to eat before I starve to death!". The woman looked frail and her clothes were all filthy and ragged. The poor man felt sorry for her and he had not the heart to do anything else than to share the little he had with the old woman. So the poor man split his packed lunch in two and gave one half to the old woman. She got so filled by joy and gratefullness by his act that she started to clapp her hands. She then gave the man a big hug and told him: " - Nothing finds its way into a closed hand! May luck and happiness follow you on your way. Follow the path into the woods here and you will see!".

The gratefull old woman and her spirit made such an impression on the poor man that his legs and body all of a sudden felt rested and renewed. In a cheerfull mood he walked on and along the path that the old woman had pointed out for him. The poor man wanted to try his luck and therefor he followed the old womans advice.

Quite some time passed before the poor man once again caught sight of somehting. This time it was a small fox who gently peeked out from behind a treetrunk, asking the man for his help. The fox had got stuck with one of his paws under a branch and it could not get loose on its own. The poor man pitied the fox and without a doubt he decided to help it. When the man had rescued the fox he told it to be a little more careful while walking in the woods from now on. The fox smiled and waved its tail: " - Treat others as you want others to treat you! The luck shall keep following you on your way - if you continue to walk this path.".

The further the poor man came, it appeared somewhat odd to him that the path, which was totally new to him, still came around as familiar and secure. The huge trees that surrounded the man seemed to embrace him and lead him forward with strenght and certainty. Eventually, the great forest opened up and the poor man could dimly see a clearing. The poor man thought to himself that maybe that was where he could find luck. The dawn had started to set a while ago, but the poor man still kept on going - strengthened by the thought of his much needing family and his strong believe in the future. And finally, the poor man reached the clearing. But nothing in the world could have prepared him for the sight that met him when arriving to the clearing. The poor man could not believe his eyes - because right there, on the other side of the clearing, was his own house! The cat sat on the stairs in front of the house and the hens made their way upon the latter and into the henhouse for the night. But, the poor man noticed one thing that was different. The farm had now got a visitor. The mighty moose were standing among the trees in the garden - cheeky eating of the ripe apples.

The poor man said to himself: "I will never understand how and why the path lead me here, but now that I am here I have to look after my guest.". He walked carefully across the hayfield heading for the garden, noticing that the moose seemed to have a great time feasting on the poor mans apples. The man said to the moose: "Good evening, old moose.". And the moose replied: "Good evening to you too.". The poor man had seen the moose many times before, but he had never been so close to it as this time. The man adressed the moose once more: "I hope that the apples taste good...!". The poor man felt tiny standing next to a full-grown scandinavian moose, witnessing how that years crop of apples slowly decreased. But he did not get bothered by the happening in his garden, because he remembered that he and the moose lived in the same forest after all.

Suddenly the moose swung his head and began to speak in a deep voice: " - If you have got something in abundance and if everything is going well for you, then you should share your goods and make someone other than yourself happy.". The poor man now found himself standing face to face with the mighty moose. The moose spoke on: " - Use your skills to create something - but do not wait until tomorrow, do it tonight!". The moose prowled on into the forest and it soon disappeared between the dark trees.

The poor man understood the seriousness of the moose message right away, and went to carry out what he had been told to do. The wife and the children had already gone to bed, so the man sat down to create something all by himself. The poor man kept on going all night long, and early the next morning he was finished carpenting a small throne chair. He felt very satisfied with his work. The poor man decided to bring the chair with him to the market, with the ambition of selling it. On his way, he met the old woman from yesterday. She was still standing at the roadside, waving at the poor man: " - I can see that you have made yourself a throne chair - make more and the luck will be yours!".

Cheery and happy the poor man walked on towards the town. When at the market, the throne chair suddenly became the centre of everyones attention. Even the King heard rumours about the chair, and he soon sent for the poor man to come and visit the castle. When the King finally layed eyes on the chair he was so thrilled that he without hesitation decided to get two chairs himself - one for the little prince and one for the little princess. The poor man was now certainly very pleased, and he gratefully thanked the King for the deal. The King was also very pleased with the deal, and from that day on he proudly displayed the chairs for everyone in the kingdom to see.

The poor man felt almost like he was walking on clouds on his way home. When he was back in the house, he overjoyed told his family about everything he had experienced the past day and night. The wife and children immediately shared the poor mans entusiasm and joy. Soon the man had to carpent little throne chairs all day long, in order to satisfy the great demand from people from all over the kingdom who also wanted to make their children into little princes and princesses.

As if something magic had happened, the family now sold throne chairs around the clock. All of their wishes had now been fulfilled. But the family did still not let their success make them act in unreasonable ways. They kept on living their sober life, only with the new awareness that they would never have to freeze or get hungry, ever again.

The family told the story that you have just heared to everone who bought a chair, and brought the tale about the old woman, the fox and the great elk to all little princes and princesses all over the kingdom.

Here this story ends, and as far as everyone has heard the man and his family still makes little thronechairs in their happy kingdom somewhere in the world...