Our little friends are made of 90% pine and 10% beech wood.
The wood is stained, varnished and then re-varnished! 
The wheel scooters are specially handcrafted and produced with leather connections that make the sliders steerable, flexible and simple to control.
The rubber coating on the wheels ensure that your little rascal can romp
through house without the vehicle scratching or leaving any other unsightly
marks on the floor.
We hope that through our special designs and attention to detail, one of our products will become your child's best friend. Some of our animals even have a small removable baby, guaranteeing extra fun! Our kangaroo Skippy, for example, carries her young in her pouch, while Molly the sheep still has her baby in her stomach!
We wish you a lot of fun in choosing your favorite and congratulate you for your good taste, which you have already demonstrated by being here!