Our project with primary schools in Norway 2006


We met with the children of some primary schools from Norway
in a wooden hut with campfire in the beautiful forests of Norway.
A professional Fairy tale Narrator told then the fairy tale of the thronechair.
The children were very pleased that there was the thronechair in reality.
We showed the children the thronechairs and explained to them why shortly they´ll have also a chair in the class. Each child will be allowed to tell in the future at school its own small history on the thronechair.
This project is to inspire the children that they´ll discover their own Fantasie again. In the today's time of the medialen influences by television, computer (play consoles) and Internet falls it often difficult that children become still independently creative. We showed the children an educationally valuable possibility to learn and develope in connection with fun.

The Norwegian primary schools were inspired by this project
and ordered for the 1. and 2. Class our fairytale furniture.