Our competence in the area of wood design is based on long-standing
experiences and good business connections. The decisive factors for our
success are exquisite quality, high-quality design and an infallible
feeling for new trends.
Our unique toys, savings boxes and design objects are designed for
play, fun, and decoration.
The combination of wood in high quality, careful processing e.g. 80% fibre craft and outstanding design results in products with a special fascination: Toys for children, decoration objects for adultsor fun articles for all, as for example our savings boxes.
All our products are made of indigenous woods, such as oak, beech
and pine. We attach great importance to the fact that our toys
manufactured are in line with the European standard EN-71. All our
products are made in Czech Republic. Wood is not only the oldest
construction material for toys, but also a living, warm natural product.
It combines stability with corresponding longevity. Due to its individual
character, ist diverse degrees of hardness, grains and colours - wooden
toys and wooden products are stimulation for all senses.
Wood is not only a piece of life, but also a natural product. It burdens the environment neither at its growth nor at its disposal. Furthermore it is a natural raw material, which already was used and ap-preciatedby our ancestors.Finally: Who is not pleased about cash - our savings boxes can be very helpful in this context. The Hippo for example wiggles his tail while the elephant moves his trunk.
*Because all products are handmade to 80%, it is possible that light colour divergences can appear compared with the illustrated products.